A great help to my 88 year old mother. My mother’s mobility was severely impacted by rheumatoid arthritis and a fear of falling as an extremely nervous person. Alyson gained my mothers trust and as a result she would do her exercises. Alyson without doubt got my mothers legs moving better with simple exercises but also by talking to her in a way that clearly shows her experience with older folk. My only regret is not using Alyson at least three years earlier as sooner is definitely better to stop or at least slow the degradation. Alyson can be trusted and clearly shows her empathy. John

I found Alyson Smith an extremely good physiotherapist who has help me enormously. I was a very, tentative, painful, walker and she has enabled me to walk more confidently, quicker and for a greater distance. Nina

Alyson has been providing specialist physio care for an elderly family-friend who suffered a stroke for several months and the family has been extremely pleased with the progress made to date. Alyson is encouraging and relaxed in her approach and her experience in helping stroke victims is clear to see. Alyson has provided the family with lots of practical help and advice and has used her network of contacts in the care industry to ensure the family is made aware of every available help. I would highly recommend Alyson Smith. Paul

I have been receiving treatment from Alyson for the past 4 months, and have found her to be one of the best Physios i have ever had. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, and have had my fair share of physios who give you an exercise regime, and then leave you to it! With Alyson’s support she explains how my body works and makes me thinks about the signals going from my brain to the muscles, which seems to make such a difference!!! The exercises she gives you are at my pace and she is very patient with me, although does push me to reach my own goals, which she discusses with me and works alongside me to help me to achieve them. I have found this therapy is working well and have managed to regain strength and posture and new confidence to move on. Pamela Durrant

My mum, who has Parkinsons Disease, has been seeing Alyson for physio for several months now. Not only has she relieved the stiffness in her joints, helped her to stand and take some steps, she has helped her to regain some confidence and encouraged her not to give up. Alyson has also shown some of mums carers how they can help mum with her exercises. Alyson is very aware of mums fluctuating health problems and alters her physio sessions accordingly. After every physio session, mum feels proud of her achievements and motivated to keep going. Alyson has made a huge difference to mums quality of life. Carol

I just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given me. It has made such a difference to me both physically and mentally. My arm has greatly improved since our sessions and the spasms in my legs have become less severe. No other treatment I’ve had before has made a difference to me. It has given me a more positive outlook. Alyson, your manner is very professional but friendly at the same. I feel like an individual rather than a patient. Thanks again I feel our sessions are making a real difference to me. Sue

I have been lucky to work with Alyson for over a year now, meeting at different Clients homes. Alyson is a fantastic Physio, and together we have been able to achieve fantastic results for our Clients. She is very reassuring, patient and makes them feel at ease, she explains everything thoroughly, and discusses with them their goals and what they would like to get out of each session. She has an extensive knowledge and understanding of each individual condition, and designs a routine personal to each individual, and their needs and makes each session fun, and i know our Clients look forward to seeing her for her visit, and to show her the work they have been doing and the results they are seeing. I have now recommended Alyson to my own mum, who is now having regular visits, and we are seeing such great improvements in movement, confidence and also in mums overall wellbeing. Liz Hastings, Personal Choice Carers at Home

Personal Choice Carers at Home Ltd

I would thoroughly recommend Alyson especially for visits in your own home. She has a great attitude and actually listens to the client and what they need personally. She is imaginative and adapts exercises to your home surroundings and disabilities. Janet

My wife has Multiple Sclerosis which leaves her with little feeling from the waist downwards . I found Alyson on the internet and decided to engage her as our Physiotherapist particularly with her specialist knowledge in neurological problems. From her first assessment visit it was obvious that she was very well qualified and professional as she quickly identified areas which could be worked on and improved. Now after several weekly sessions we are seeing improvement in suppleness of the legs, strengthening of the leg muscles and neurological response in the lower limbs. At each weekly visit she asks whether we have had any particular problems since her last visit that need addressing and will concentrate on those areas.

Every treatment she gives is clearly explained. What is causing the problem, how the exercise will help alleviate this and the effort required by the patient.

I am happy to recommend physiotherapist Alyson Smith, she is firm but very understanding. Testimonial